End of Week High Intensity Interval Training (Video)

Posted: Jul 21 2014

So it was the end of the week and after 5 days of lifting weights on something called the Dirty 35 Project developed by Matt Wichlinski (more info later) and eating carbs post workout on the carb back-loading protocol, I thought I would a perform a HIIT workout to deplete any excess glucose that may of built up in the system as well as burn any fat that may of accumulated from eating the carbs. This was also performed in a fairly fasted state as studies have shown that this can increase fat metabolism.

It's a 4 exercise (not 5 as I say in the video!) program that I just made up on the day consisting of some sprints, high knees, burpees and punch bag work. Did 3-5 rounds of a minute on, minute off on each exercise, apart from the punch bag which was 10 rounds. Oh and I added a bit of basketball and football for fun. Please note that the basketball section is HIGHLY edited to pull out the few best bits and notice how I kick the ball over the garage at the end in the football bit! Doh!


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