• Dirty 35 Project Workout

    Posted: Aug 31 2014

    This workout is part of the Dirty 35 Project developed by Matt Wichlinski which is a training program I have been on now for about 6 weeks.

    The name partly comes from the fact that Matt was approaching 35 when he developed it and as I am also approaching 35 I thought it was the perfect time to give it a go. I have been following Matt on YouTube for quite some time and have been blown away with his strength, knowledge and expertise so was more than confident to follow a program he devised.

    The overall goal of the program is something that also greatly appealed to me. It is all about building strength, power and athleticism steadily, over a long period of time, which is really the only proper way to do it. No quick fixes here!

    The exercises consist of big, compound movements that engage a large number of muscle groups at once. This develops much greater strength and balance than isolation moves..... Keep Reading

  • End of Week High Intensity Interval Training (Video)

    Posted: Jul 21 2014

    So it was the end of the week and after 5 days of lifting weights on something called the Dirty 35 Project developed by Matt Wichlinski (more info later) and eating carbs post workout on the carb back-loading protocol, I thought I would a perform a HIIT workout to deplete any excess glucose that may of built up in the system as well as burn any fat that may of accumulated from eating the carbs. This was also performed in a fairly fasted state as studies have shown that this can increase fat metabolism...... Keep Reading

  • Doug McGuff (Body by Science) Super Slow Weight Lifting Workout (Video)

    Posted: Jul 10 2014

    This is a short 12-15 minute workout, 6 exercises, 1 set to complete failure per exercise, 90-120 seconds per set with minimum rest between exercises and as slow as possible.  

    This is based on Doug McGuff's recommended workout in his book, Body by Science ( Keep Reading  

  • Punch/Heavy Bag HIIT (Video)

    Posted: Jul 09 2014

    This is the final minute of a 20 minute, 1 minute on 1 minute off high intensity interval training workout. No real technique, just beasting it out!

    This is great way to boost fat metabolism, especially in a fasted state.

    Check out the super slow Rocky style slow motion! :) ..... Keep Reading

  • Basic Plyometrics (Video)

    Posted: Jun 30 2014

    Some basic plyometrics moves to help improve mobility, flexibility and athleticism...... Keep Reading

  • Simple Sandbag Workout (Video)

    Posted: Jun 26 2014

    Demonstration of a simple sandbag routine to help build functional strength. The sandbag is extremely versatile with literally hundreds of different exercise possibilities. I will be posting more sandbag videos in the future but this is just a taster of some of the moves you can do..... Keep Reading

  • Heavy Bag Boxing Tabata! (Video)

    Posted: Jun 22 2014

    Classic 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off Tabata but with a heavy bag..... Keep Reading